• Softwood Treated Decking is economical
  • Softwood Treated Decking is sustainably managed
  • Softwood Treated Decking is resistant to insect and fungi attack
  • Softwood Treated Decking is easy to work with

Softwood Decking (Treated pine) is an economical decking solution and is easy to use

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About Softwood Treated Pine Decking
Treated pine decking is a very popular choice in Australian residences as new or replacement decks. It has been used over a long period of time and has proven to provide dependable protection against termites and decay to extend the life of your structure. Preservative treated, it is easy to work but handling and construction should observe specific Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) depending on the preservative used.

Treated pine decking is Radiata Pine that has been treated with one of various types of preservative to increase the natural resistance to attack by wood destroying fungi and insects. This process results in an enhanced level of durability which makes the timber suitable for exterior use. A service rating known as the Hazard Level Guide rates the hazard protection required based on exposure from H1 being the lowest, to H6 being the highest. The 'H' level of durability should correspond to its intended application. In decking it is usually H3. 

Features and Benefits

• Economical solution for budget concious
• Renewable, fast growing timber sourced from managed plantation forests
• Resistance to wood destroying insects and fungi
• Can be painted and finished
• Can be used in fencing and seating arrangements
• Readily available in large quantities

Install on bearers and joists. Can be nailed or screwed.
When exposed to the weather, the timber will take up or lose moisture depending on dryness or moisture from the environment. This can and will change as per the season. Therefore the timber will expand or contract. At the time of installation it is important that equal gaps are provided between the decking boards which will to allow for the expected expansion of the width of the boards.

Available in fixed lengths. Profile sizes available 70x22mm & 90x22mm

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