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 The Scyon Man Challenge is completed for 2014... we have our winners! 

They trained for this! Their states were behind them! With pride, prizes, honours and bragging rights on the line they met each other in the cauldron at Browns Plains. It was Queensland home terrritory and the News South Welshman would feel it. The Scyon Man Challenge Final was about to start and in about 15 minutes we would have our winner.

The teams lined up. Representing QLD was CMG Homes. The tight three of Sam Pratten, Darcey Pratten and Michael Allcoch had shown great form and dominance in the heats. Their heat installation time certainly sounded a threat to the NSW representatives and with home town advantage and the overwhelming support of the crowd could have created an intimidatory effect on the visitors from the south. The NSW Team, represented by Melrose Contracting AKA Bella Carpentry whose tight three of Clayton Grigg, Mitch Greeves and Jeremiah Staines also showed great form entering the final stage of the event. With great times and technical prowess along with the experience of the previous year by one of their team, they looked anything but intimidated in this arena. They were ready to inflict pain on their opposition.

After the customary taking on of protein and carbs via the BBQ  hospitably served by the home team, all that was left was for the firing gun to start proceedings. Nail Guns and spirit levels at the ready, palms sweaty, a drop of perspiration on the brow and they were off.

CMG Homes jumped out to a very quick start and took the New South Welshmen by suprise. Gasps were heard from the crowd as both teams suffered delays with tools malfunctioning, The odd expletive not suitable for a G classification were muttered under competitors breath. The heat was on. During the first half the lead changed 3 times as the battle continued blow for blow, sheet for sheet, nail for nail.

The speed that both teams were performing at underlined how hard they had focussed on team work to the point of intuition playing a key role. The Hardies adjudicators could barely keep up with the action. (suggest some off season training for them)

It came down to the Linea leg of the event. it was board for board with nails bending on both teams such was their haste and the mounting pressure. In the end, like all good thrillers, it came down to the final board and who could put the last three nails in the quickest.

NSW finished first in a time of 11:05 with the Queensland team finishing in 11:20. Both teams completing the event faster than any result in the lead up heats. But in the end it was not only speed but the technical aspects who would decide the winners. Queensland scored 61 points for the technical aspects of the event. Tech Secura (16), Tech Axon (19), Tech Linea (18), and Teamwork (8). This clawed back one point from NSW who completed the technical aspects on 60 points.Tech Secura (16), Tech Axon (18), Tech Linea (16), Teamwork (10). It was not enough though.

Melrose Contracting AKA Bella Carpentry representing New South Wales were the Winners of the Scyon Man Challenge 2014 with a total point score of 90.CMG Homes, the Queensland home town heroes, finished with 88 points but also covered themselves with honour in defeat along with prizes and local bragging rights.

Hudson and Hardies Congratulates Clayton Grigg, Mitch Greeves and Jerimiah Staines from Melrose Contracting on their win.

We hope all our competitors enjoyed their experience and the comraderie amongst local teams and across state borders the event sets out to promote. We look forward to your participation again next year. Tell your friends, workmates and industry professionals and lets make next year the biggest yet.

Thanks to all our Suppliers, Competitors, Supporters and Staff for their input in making this an event to mark on the calendar!

Click here to see the video of the Final for 2014

Heat Results: See some images of the heats at Hudson News.
Wagga Wagga Friday 30 May
SUMMARY: NSW southern most competitors step up to the challenge. The Scyon Man Challenge event created great interest amongst our local builders. It was great to see that the event had sparked such interest amongst Corey Tozer Constructions that they were able to field two teams. Imagine the lunch room conversations before the event and the bragging rights after the event. After a belly full of sausage, the hardie product and technical briefing held, plus some last minute limbering up, the challenge got underway with a high level of team work and determination on display.In quick time our competitors completed their task. Nathan Dejong Homes were our Wagga Wagga winners with a time of 13:32 and 91 Points. 2nd went to Corey Tozer Constructions #1 in 14:53 with 90 points, Our third place getters were Jarri Nielson Homes in 15:33 with 83 points. All teams performed well with a highlight being near perfect points for all teams in Safety and Teamwork. Congratulations to all involved! 
Leumeah Friday 6 June
SUMMARY: The rain held off as the wind turned cold. The participants as well as everyone else in attendance took on carbs (burgers and suasages) from the provided BBQ. 4 teams of 3 readied themselves, ready to push the limits in the endevour to represent NSW and become Scyon Men 2014. All teams were well supported by local builders, tradies and passers by, cheering as the teams got into action. Our suppliers who really supported and got behind this event cheered and took keen interest also as some of their products were used in the challenge. The suppliers really help make the day as they chat and explain the features and benefits of their products as well as offering special deals to the locals on the day. It well worth being there just for that. With hammers and nailguns being brandished about, silicone guns in one hand, levels in the other, the teams battled until 14min 37secs after the gun started the challenge, the first team had finished. All teams had finished within 17mins 25secs. With not only speed but with accuracy of finish and technical points awarded, Clayton, Mitch and Mark from Bella Carpentry won the day with 95/100. Followed by All About Carpentry on 87/100 and Primo Carpentry on 84/100.
Glendale Friday 13 June 
SUMMARY: The Glendale event was a huge success with 8 teams competing to win the day and an opportunity to become the NSW representatives to do battle against their Queensland counterparts in the Scyon Man Challenge final for 2014. The hunter region was highly competitive with each team scoring well and some great times also. Shows the high level of skill that the hunter tradies have and their eagerness to take part, support each other and support this great initiative by Hudson and James Hardie. The Glendale event was also supported by a high level of commitment by our suppliers who once again joined forces to put on a mini trade show on site so that the locals could learn more about their products and benefits. With sausage sandwiches and drinks in hand from our BBQ many an informative conversation was heard along with some relaxed jokes and real comraderie amongst competitors, supporters and suppliers.With hammers and nail guns helter skelter the hunter teams really put on a great show. One word..determination and dontblinknoworyou'llmissit.. sorry two words, describes the scene as the winners Good Ole Soles on 94/100 at a time of 12:59 won the day. 2nd was Melrose Contracting North on 89/100 at 13:20 and 3rd place getters were Van Kerkhof Builders with 89/100 at 16:09.
Penrith Friday 20 June
SUMMARY:On an even brighter Friday than usual, after NSW celebrated its Rugby Leage State of Origin Win, the Penrith Scyon Man Challenge teams were vying not only a local win but to represent NSW, Having started off cautiously our teams soon cranked it up with our first and second place getters going neck and neck on the exterrnal Scyon panelling. They went nail for nail and only a mere 12 seconds seperated the teams on time. After all the points were added up, having lost a point here and gainied a point there in the final alaysis ther was only a siongle point in it. Congratulations to our first placegetters Scyo Men on 89 points in a time of 19:12 followed closely by Lifestyle Lads on 88 points in a time of 19:25. Still our third placegetters did a great job showing profficiency, great planning and above all maximum points for safety. Well done A Sciacca Carpentry in a time of 24:38 with 87 points.Once again our event was supported by a high level of commitment by our suppliers. The likes of Stinger, Paslode, James Hardie, Storenso, HB Fuller, Boral Timber, Wakaflex, Gaisborough, just to name a few are always out there suppoprting you tradies with on going support with product and knowledge to help you get the job done quicker and more efficiently.
Kirrawee Friday 27 June
SUMMARY:This was the last opportunity for the NSW to find its best representaives in the Scyon Man Challenge 2014 and Kirrawee, the location of last years final, was the battle ground that ever so nearly provided those representatives. Failing an appeal or positive urine samples we have our NSW Representatives. They are Bella Carpentry.The Kirrawee challengers provided a high level of speed, expertise and technical ability to produce some great times and installation prowess. Infact kirrawee provided the fastest time of the NSW rounds with an oustanding 12:14 achieved by Melrose Contracting South. This was 45 seconds clear of any of the other NSW competitors. Translating this to a realtime scenario and they could have a house up in a week! Alas there was a couple of technical aspects that impacted on the final result but their performance was pretty to watch all the same. The HIA Apprentices also performed extremely well with a comendable result being just outside the NSW top 10. The NSW building industry is in good hands with these first timers! Congratulations go to our first placegetters at Kirrawee Melrose Contracting South on 94 points in a time of 12:14 followed closely by the HIA Apprentices on 88 points in a time of 18:24. Nu Build were our wiiners of the Safety and Teamwork component of the scoring with a maximum 10 points. At the end of the working day it is most important to get home in one piece and still call your mate your mate.Once again the great staff at Krirawee under the leadership of Manager David Ward put on a great day with the all important organisation of suppliers and the BBQ for competitors and supporters. The suppliers have supported this competition really well in NSW and it reflects their commitment to the builders of the state. The stage is now set for the final in the cauldron, Browns Plains Queensland. Our state winners Bella Carpentry, will travel to take on the Queenslanders and are confident they will take it right up to them on Queenslands home turf. GO NSW!! 

Nerang Friday 30 May
SUMMARY:The first Queensland event. Could it help to motivate their fellow Queenslanders on the Park? The Scyon Man Challenge event brought together our local builders in an atmosphere of competition but moreso that of comraderie. It gave the guys an opportunity to relax from their busy work commitments have some food and drink on us and also learn a little about new products and installation of Hardies Scyon, Wall Wrap as well as other products in the trade show. It was a great day that kicked off the Hudson/Scyon representative season. Burleigh Constructions were our eventual Nerang winners with a time of 19.34 and 94 Points. 2nd went to Team Taylor in 20:42 with 87 points, Our third place getters were Team Pacific in 23:20 with 74 points. All teams did a great job with Burleigh Constructions being the outstanding competitors of the day, thoroughly deserving the win.
Coorparoo Friday 13 June 
SUMMARY:The Coorparoo event showed that Queensland was rising to the challenge from NSW. Competitors showed grit and perseverance as they battled each other to win the day along with some fantastic prizes and gift vouchers.With their nail guns and bradders having been cleaned and serviced by paslode the competiters were chomping at the bit after having had chomped on plenty of sausage sandwiches and burgers ala Artie Beetson.Thanks to our suppliers who once again showed their support and devotion to our customers by providing great insights ato their products as well as help to the tradies generally. Hudson thanks you on their behalf! After their Product and Technical briefing from Hardies on how to correctly install the scyon products and building wrap and with Carbs at the ready the race was on. All the teams got off to a flying start and battled to keep up the pace. With some technical variations with installation it was apparent that the winner was going to be shown on points as times were so close. All teams successfully installed their products and showed that they are adept to use on their clients builds in the future. As always there can be only one winner on the day and today it was "Built on 1" with a time of 13:34 with 91 points. 2nd was "Cladiators" on 13:26 with 88 points and coming in third was "Phase 1" on 13:26 with 84 points.
Browns Plains Friday 20 June
SUMMARY: Feeling the sting left by NSW winning this years state of origin RL, the Queensland teams at Browns Plains had something to prove as they battled to see if they could represent their state in the Scyon Man challenge 2014. After the preliminary technical, product knowledge and installation briefing, the teams were primed to give it their best shot Their professionalism and speed on display they approached the round with something to prove. Prior to the event though they along with spectators and supporters carb loaded with a generous supply from the Hudson bbq, washed down with free refreshments, encouragment and barbs from their compatriots. Was it enough to spur them on to victory? Well it was for the team from Hunter Build who won the day with 87 points and a great time of 15:20. Second was Hayes Building in a time of 17:50 with a score of 82. Our third palcegetters were Johson in a time of 19:20 on 78 points. Congratulations to our winners who competed the best on the dayOne of the most important aspects of these events is that it brings professionals on both supply and installation together. We all learn from each other which is one of the aspects of the industry Hudson hopes to foster from this type of events. We hope this inteaction helps both suppliers and our customers and we want to say thankyou to you all choosing Hudson to Build With You!
Morayfield Friday 27 June
SUMMARY: Would the last round of the Scyon Man Challenge 2014 in QLD be the one to produce its best representaives? Morayfield was the setting and the locals from CMG did infact win and will now represent Queensland. But on state results there was only 1 point in it. The Morayfield challengers produced some of the best times of the Queensland competition and showed on this basis alone that they will battle well against the reps from NSW, The winning time of 13:35 places them not far behind the best time in NSW so with a home ground advantage this will provide that lift that could get them across the line in speed. With thier points being the same as NSW state winners, the stage is set for an epic grudge match which is guaranteed to be close. CMG won the day with an impressive time and a total of 95 points. Yorkbuild accumulated 89 points with a great time of 14:20 followed by Jay Hamilton on 81 points in a time of 18 minutes flat. Morayfield produced 1st, 4th and 10th overall in the state so it was a great showing by the local builders. Congratulations to you all. It was not possible to create this great day if it was not for the effort put in by the staff and suppliers at Morayfield. Their effort have not only helped to produce the Queensland Reps but ensures a strong relationship and understanding of their customers and a commitment toward them. So the final awaits and destiny beckons as CMG takes on Bella Carpentry from NSW at Browns Plains, Queensland on the Wednesday 9th July. We hope that heaps of people turn up for the final and cheer on the teams.. and try to be a little impartial whilst showing some good old Queenslander cheering. CAN QLD DO IT? LETS GET BEHIND THEM!





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