• Imported Hardwood Decking is versatile
  • Imported Hardwood Decking is easy to work
  • Imported Hardwood Decking Merbau meets AS3959
  • Imported Hardwood Decking excellent in exposed areas
  • Imported Hardwood Decking ideal around pool decks

Hudson stocks a range of imported hardwood decking species including Merbau (Kwila) and Balau

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Features and Benefits

  • Merbau is also an environmentally friendly choice, it requires little energy in production and it can be easily recycled
  • Merbau is an excellent choice for external and exposed applications because of its natural high density
  • Merbau (Kwila) is one of the only timbers that is sufficiently fire resistant to meet Australian Standard AS 3959 and can be used in bushfire prone areas without any treatment.
  • Merbau Flooring is one of the most hard and durable flooring options
  • Will grey over time if left untreated. Regular oiling is advised to help preserve and retain colour
  • Is tanin rich so leaching will occur upon installation. Be aware of this and use with caution especially around porous materials and natural stones
  • Available as random lengths
  • Used in residential and some commercial applications
  • Save time on installation utilising specific fixings
  • Ideal for other outdoor uses such as screens, furniture, fences etc
  • Merbau provides an interesting solution in the form of ramps or steps built with ancillary features such as handrails

When freshly cut, the heartwood of Merbau is a yellowish to orange-brown colour, but then darkens to brown or red brown. One of the distinctive properties of this timber is that the surface of the boards may have yellow ‘flecking’ in the pores; thus when finished, the timber may appear almost flecked with gold.

Application and installation
Use on Bearers and Joists. Depending on the type of fixing used, pre-drilling may not be required. If using stainless steel it is advisable to predrill with a counter sinking head to ensure a flush finish to the board.

Sizes Available
Merbau decking is available in the following profiles 70x19mm, 90x19mm, 140x19mm, 140x25mm. Screening material is also available 42x19mm.

Balau is a durable, heavy tropical hardwood that can resemble the look of teak through colour and grain. In its natural state it is also resistant to weathering, insect and fungal attack. The colouring ranges from golden yellow to slight reddish brown and decking is available in a 70x19mm and 90x19mm profile in random lengths. This timber will darken with age.

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